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Jun 11, 2005
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So Ladies...Halloween is right around the corner!! It is by far my fave Holiday so I am getting excited. Let's post pics of hot costumes for inspiration...or purchase!!

Here's some of my Top Picks...they are pricey, but amazing!!

Tinkerbell $288


Cadet Girl $464


Cinderella $320


Naughty Nurse $200


Originally Posted by StereoXGirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I haven't actually dressed up for Halloween in the past 15 years. lol. Yeah, It's been a few years since i've actually dressed up but I'm going to this year.

That second costume is hot.

I have dressed up every year for as long as I can remember. Last Year I was Wonder Woman.
Very Nice Manders!!! I've always wanted to have an awesome halloween costume but there never was anything special to dress up for. We usually just stay home being bored on Halloween!

Those are some awesome costumes!! where do you order those from??

I don't know yet.. I was Jasmine last year.. and i'm tempted to do that again.. lol but i don't want to do the same costume 2 years in a row :S

Holloween <3

I have tons of costumes which I buy from sites like Trashy.

My favorite in my collection is my Pink "Bunny" outfit and my "Dorothy" outfit. I also have a bunch of Kimono's and Chinese dresses.

WOW!! I love halloween!!! lol No big surprise there since it's the unoffical crossdressers national holiday!!! So I'd wear any one of those outfits!!

Here's my costume - kind of a she devil of sorts...


Yahoo! Photos - DSC09438


I love Halloween! I'm not sure if I'll do anything this year since I'm going back to school. I might be too stressed out from school to do much of anything

I love Halloween too! I'm thinking about having a costume made, but I have no idea what I want to be.
I hope to get some ideas here!

Yea some of those are pricey but very cute. I like halloween but dont ever do anything on it. I'd like to but just dont know what Id do. I like going to the stores afterwards tho cuz then all the candy goes on sale.

OMG you just reminded me!! I need to get a hot costume I loooove freakin halloween! Too bad my bff just moved out to the states... we always partied together

Those costumes are HOT!!! I love that they're all corset tops, they make you look really shapely. I like the Naughty Nurse one! If I ever bought this costume it wouldn't just be for halloween LOL

i loovee haloween i try and dressup every year! i think this was a great thread idea !


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