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Feb 22, 2006
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I've asked a few peeps if they've had problems with their 182 brush. I seemed to be the only person whose brush sheds like CRAZY! I've also noticed, while the brush seemed matted down even after I washed it, it wasn't. Simply, the bristles in the center have broken in half! WTF!

While my lovely 182 still works just fine, it's such a nuisance to use, and I'm the only person who owns the brush who has this issue! So, I called MAC's customer service. The lovely lady said they would send me postage paid, once I sent the brush back and they received it, they'd send a new one. I told her I'd hate to part with the brush for however long the process took since I use it daily. So, she's actually sending me the NEW brush with the postage, and once I get them, I'm sending back the old brush!

How awesome is that?! I love that they're always willing to be so accommodating to their valued customers! I know you're wondering, "Why not just take it to your local counter?" It's because apparently my MAC doesn't sell 182 brushes... So, I'd have to go to a MAC store, or use the path I'm using anyway. ANYWHO! MAC definitely rocks! LOL!

I have the same problem with the 180. It sheds like crazy and leaves white hairs all over my face.


Oh yeah, this thing sheds BAD! It's like I've just shaved off my eyebrows! I tap off any hairs before I apply my MMU, after I've let the MMU "sink" into the brush, and I still get hairs EVERYWHERE!

MAC is always so fantastic. I was just down there today, and one of the artists there was just chatting it up (he's my favorite there) while I shopped, for no other reason than just to be nice (and I guess 'cause I just got back! He said he missed me lol)

That's great Aquilah! They really seem to want to keep their customers happy.

I am amazed how good Mac is in making the customer happy. They take used plastic, and they have online a customer service rep live..

You get similar service with Apple. When my ipod broke they sent me a box which arrived the next day, the return box was marked to go to Texas. I sent it off an I recieved an ipod the next day. I suspect they could see DHL had recieved the box they had sent me, and sent me a replacement ipod which I recieved the day AFTER I sent mine it. Point is, I love good service and I'll always pay more for it. Mac returned a product I bought months ago!

So we have two great products MAC Cosmetics and Mac Computers. hehehe