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This really annoys the heck out of me!

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Mar 10, 2006
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People who touch my hair/head.

Not just family and friends (that annoys me too), but random complete strangers. If you are not my lover/mother/hair dresser, you do not have permission to touch my hair whenever you feel like it.

I always thought that was so gosh darn rude to do it it to people, so why do strangers do that to me? Today, I was very rudely startled by someone who I caught in the act of trying to touch my hair. I was outside sitting down on a cement banister trying to get my purse in order before walking back to my car. Out of the blue, I feel this hot and musky, garbage-smelling breath from behind me.
I was getting ready to turn around and tell the dude to back up a bit out of my personal space. Turns out... it was a woman! With her hand getting ready to touch something on me...my head presumably, since she already had her hand buried in my hair (I was having a big poofy hair day today, so that's why I didn't feel something immediately)

First off, how do ladies walk around with foul stank breath like that?
Is there not a sense of embarrassment about the bad breath?
Did she even brush her mouth today?!??
I mean, dayum! Usually that would keep people from coming to close to you, but nope, the not-so-fresh ones always wanna walk right up to ya!

Anyway, I just find it so rude that she felt like it was okay to touch me like that. A person's hair is as much a part of them as their leg or arm. Then she had the freaking nerve to ask me "That all yours?" I didn't say anything at that time, but I'm just now thinking to myself *Yep! And this big hair can be all yours too for free if you comb you hair our with an egg-beater.*
I really wasn't feeling good about my out-of-control hair today, and that incident has made me a little bit more self-conscious as I rarely every wear it down in public. I wish I could think of a snappy answer to say out loud in these kinds of situations, but now that I've had a few hours to stew over it, I just wanna go back and say stuff to her. Grrr.

But anyhow, as I am standing there kind of taken aback, again she continues to try to reach for my head. I said, "I don't know you. Stop touching me." I hightailed it to my car. I think I could have been a lot smoother with my response, but I was caught so off-guard by her blatant invasion of my personal space, that I was flustered.

If you were in that situation, what would you have done?