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Jan 4, 2007
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I was thinking today, that on MUT, maybe we see a side of people that people in real life dont get to see of us all.

Maybe I'm alone in this, but some people on mut have a really strong personality, and I feel I know them personally. I know about their sex lives and their social lives and their health, and so I feel like I know them pretty well.

But maybe they're totally different in real life? I wonder how people perceive me on MUT? I wonder if I am different in real life than I am in MUT? do you think that you are the same here as you are in real life?

You're definitely right. We do portray a side of ourselves on the web rather than the whole picture.

Oh I have the same personality her and everywhere.. I just don't dress quite as pertty everyday in the non-digital world.. Lol. Maybe once a week or so......

Interesting idea, I think I start out by sharing the public me and as I get to know people I share more private thoughts. Not much different from my non-virtual life.

I am different on here than I am in person, but that's just because I am a very private person. The paparazzi would have nothing on me

Originally Posted by makeupwhore54 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Im the exact same way here that I am IRL. Me too! The only thing is different, is that I use the "F" word more in person than on the internet!
In general i'm the same.

but a few different things i'd say are.. well for one thing i have to stay on topic usually [inless im in my okay talk to my thread] and can't go too much outside the box well in person i completely break those rules. & I actually cuss like a sailor to my friends [and thats usually all im ever talking to] but on here i don't like to cuss i know its a bad habit and i feel weird being fourteen and the mouth that reminds me of the roseanne episode were becky moved into her trailer and the neighbor was really trashy and didn't like the connors. hah, yeah thats what i think of when i curse.

Also, in person i tend to not catch on jokes as easily as i do here. I don't know why though.

Well, Rosie- this is how i portray you!

family oriented

incredibly kind

loves babies and animals

open minded

open heart (therefore, unfortunately, open to the bitters of heartbreak)


goal oriented, but still not completely sure about what the "real world" is going to be like passed school

how's that?

as far as i am concerned. i am pretty much the exact same person typing as i am speaking. that's with all the good, bad and amusement. i definitely have a big head, and throw my opinion out there like people are meant to hear it. i do not rule over my "real life" friends, but i feel they generally respect me. i know i live in a tripped out reality where i just believe everything moves forward, and somehow it does.

so i am pretty confident that everyone on here really knows me. and i am totally thankful that you all accept that.

lol that's pretty much me.. although in real life maybe I hide some of those things more - my friends say I'm cynical and I think they believe I'm a bit of a ***** when it comes to men who have screwed up - but I think of myself as more realistic. There is no point pretending someone is perfect when they're in actual fact an *******. On the other hand, my parents think I'm too nice and that I can be a doormat, so you cant please everyone, LOL.

so, it seems as if I really AM different in real life which is weird because I didn't think I was!

Great thread, Rosie. I agree with what Brewgrl has said, that´s just how I see you, Rosie!

I am the same in real life as I am on MuT. Only that I cuss IRL, which I can´t do on here lol