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Why are the MAC MA so rude?

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Sep 28, 2007
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Here's my recent experience:

I'm really frustrated with the lack of, customer service, at the MAC store on Colorado in Pasadena.

I buy MAC 2-3 times a month, Little bit o' haulin', my recent purchases. I try to go when it's not so busy so I can get in and out. Sometimes I buy a few things most times a lot. On my recent trip to the store, I walked in, was greeted and proceeded to look around. Once I was ready I made eye contact with one of the makeup artist and she said someone would be out soon. There were three MA's on the floor giving "going-out-that night makeovers. Everytime a MA came out from the back they walked up to someone who had just walked in and started helping them without asking, "who was here first?" I think it's reasonable to expect they would. Once they were done they disappeared into the back. What's back there anyway? I had to ask for help three times, in the midst of all this 3 customers walked out. They weren't even acknowledged. I'm an easy customer, I have a list, I know what I want. If I could get the products myself I would. I go to this store because it's less than 10 minutes from my house. I didn't leave because I wasn't sure if I would have the time to go to the Pro store the next day and I needed to get these items.

The other thing I've noticed about this store is the MA's are rather snobby. It's like I'm doing them a favor by buying MAC. From all the stories I've read about girls wanting to work for MAC and being so excited when they get the call back - where's that enthusiasm /excitement towards the customer?

Pro Store on Robertson: The staff in this store is always great! Everyone greets you and no matter how busy the store is or gets everyone is helped. They assure you they will help you shortly and apologize if you had to wait a few minutes. I don't know if it's that the staff in this store doesn't constantly fluctuate but I've never had a bad experience. I've gone it with friends who were buying and I bought nothing. But I left feeling like a valued, albeit window shopping, customer.

So clearly I'll have to drive to the Pro Store as they value me as a customer. I think everyone that walks through MAC's door should be treated the same, no matter how much they do/do not purchase. No I'm not telling anyone how to do they're job. I'm just giving my experience/perspective/what I would like as a customer.