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Nov 22, 2005
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Okay I know this is kind of random but there have been a couple of words bugging me that I've only ever read and not heard spoken:

*TAUPE - now I know I should know this, but do you say it "tope" or "tawp" (or other!)?

*STILA - is it "still-a" or "style-a"?

Can you say these words both ways? For example in the UK people say VITAMINS as 'vit-amins" whereas here in NZ we say "vyte-amins". I had a debate once with one of my lecturers from the US over the word SQUIRREL - I said it "sqwi-ril" and he said it "sqwurl" lol.

My mum thought the word FEISTY was said "feast-y" until like a year ago haha! This is what happens when you've never heard the word in conversation!

Anyway if someone can help me on those first 2 words I will be eternally grateful!

Steel-a? I didn't even think of that one lol! *duh* I heard some makeup artist say on a vid someone (can't remember who) posted of them getting a makeover, and the MUA said "still-a" and I was like that can't be right :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> so thanks!

Yeh I think "tope" is the correct pronunciation too, although in my head I still read it "tawp". I think when you read it wrong once then you're hooked for life!

Taupe rhymes with "rope". lol.

And Stila is Stee-lah

I pronounce vitamins and squirrel the same way you do. Your lecturer must have been from one of the southern states in the US. They pronounce things a little differently than would someone with a standard American accent.

well for me, and most aussies, taupe kind of rhymes with rope, but with a bit of 'r' in there, for me its kind of tor-p. KIND of rope rhyming, but a bit more r in there.

stilla, i still cant figure it out. Guess it depends on your accent.

Like Shu- Uemura - how do you say that?? I have no clue!

Haha. Shu-uemura... dunno?!

It's funny, I see the words in my mind forever but never say them out loud and when I do, it's completely different then how I think about it.

Like, (it's gross but) Bukkake - I always read it in my mind as "Buck-cake" when it's actually pronounced as "Boo-kah-kee".

Same with that singer Michael Buble. I always thought "Bubble" when it was "boo-blay".

LOL @ buck-cake. That makes it sound like something funny.

I haven't heard anyone say "sangwhich".

Ash, wanna buck-cake tonight? Haha... gah. It still sounds wrong.

I never said sangwhich - but I do stress the A.

Bourjois - I say it in my mind as "burr-goo-ois". :S

In San Francisco there's this street spelled Haights and I know many who use to pronounce it as Heights. When it's really like saying "Hates".

Although the correct way to say taupe rhymes with rope, I still say "tawpe" at times...haha, and I'm an english major

I guess certain words i pronounce differently. like "about" i pronounce it "a-boot" and vitamin i pronounce it "vit-amin" sometimes ppl are like, what you canadian? I'm like eh? lol people say when i get pissed my bronx accent comes out...I suppose I don't really know I have an accent until they catch me actually saying it. hehe

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Like, (it's gross but) Bukkake - I always read it in my mind as "Buck-cake" when it's actually pronounced as "Boo-kah-kee".


Okay, he's one for ya!


Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Same with that singer Michael Buble. I always thought "Bubble" when it was "boo-blay".

Lol I used to think it was said "boob-il".
I don't know how to say Shu Uemura either - although in my head I say "shoe-oo-mera" when I read it but that doesn't even follow the spelling!

Applicable - "ap-lick-a-bull" (lmao).

Library said "lie-berry' really annoys me, or when people don't pronounce the first 'r' in February, they just say "Feb-u-ery" not "Feb-roo-ery". Actually I think I do this. Oops.


How about Juxtapose?

I know how pose is pronounced but every time I come across this word is becomes something that justifies I have a dirty mind.

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Ap-plik-ka-bull
How about Juxtapose?

Well . . . I know how to say it in French but I can't say I've ever heard it or used it in English!
Originally Posted by enyadoresme /img/forum/go_quote.gif or library pronounced LIE BERRY I worked in a library for three years and I cannot even begin how many times I've heard adults pronounce library this way....

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