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Feb 22, 2006
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Premieres Wednesday, September 19th at 8pm EST!

Here's a promo ad:

As soon as I find some info, I'll post it...

Hmm . . . maybe I will actually watch this for once. People keep telling me it's a fun show to watch.

One Sunday I was home sick. They had a 12 episode marathon but I can't remember what season it was. I watched all 12 hours. I was hooked after that.

I love the show. But I'm hating Tyra more and more...

...Project Runaway owns ANTM.

Yeah, Tyra is getting more and more annoying and braggish (don't know even if the word exists)

I know, I want to slap her makeup off and tell her to be NORMAL! I can't wait to watch it. It's the only other show I watch (Family Guy).

I LOVE the promo BTW.

I wonder how many times Tyra will say fierce.

But regardless I can't wait! I've been an ANTM fan from day one!

Originally Posted by GlamChick85 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I wonder how many times Tyra will say fierce.But regardless I can't wait! I've been an ANTM fan from day one!

I hate that word. Mostly cause she uses it.
The lucky 13 contestants!


Ambreal - 19 - College Student - Dallas, TX


Bianca - 18 - College Student - Queens, NY


Chantal - 19 - Student - Austin, TX


Ebony - 20 - Nursing Student - Chicago, IL


Heather - 21 - College Student - Valparaiso, IL


Janet - 22 - Aesthetician - Bainbridge, GA


Jenah - 18 - Student - Farmington, CT


Kimberly - 20 - College Student - Ocala, FL


Lisa - 20 - Dancer - Jersey City, NJ


Mila - 20 - College Graduate - Boston, MA


Saliesha - 21 - Receptionist - Los Angeles, CA


Sarah - 20 - College Student - Heath, MA


Victoria - 20 - College Student - New Haven, CT



Sarah and Saliesha are gorgeous!!

i want to watch it woohoo, so excited i love the show, even if its too dramatic i love it love it love it!

cool i cant wait. theres so many seasons. theres like random episodes on mtv or vh1 all the time.

They look boring! I hope I'm wrong though, and Nuri, those 2 were the ones that stood out to me too! Sarah is super pretty.

i'm soooo excited too, but is it just many, but i see alot of not cute girls! oh well it's always like that lol

After seeing the first two seasons of Germany's Next Top Model with Heidi Klume, I just cannot sit through another episode of ANTM. Even though GNTM is a copy-cat of ANTM, the quality of the girls and of the show is just more... I dunno, just more. GNTM really focuses on the character development of their contestants too, not just letting them run amok in the house.

I will not be tuning into ANTM Cycle 9. I've reached my threshold.


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