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Jun 1, 2007
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Just saw this on E Online dot com...... Chris Crocker, Britt's No 1 Fan? lol At the Reality Awards.... So what do yo think? Hot or Not?

Fashion Police: The Lineup - Photo Gallery - E! Online


Dress is cute but don't like the shoes at all... New wig would help...

Originally Posted by kaylin_marie /img/forum/go_quote.gif Need sexier shoes!! and nylons!! A requirement.... It's in the crossdressers hand book!! hehe
NOT. It is too bare. He needs to wear a top underneath it, and maybe it should be a little longer too. The shoes are too grandma-ish.

Yeah, those shoes are wrong. He needs something more flattering to his muscular arms. Nylons or a good spray of those Air Stockings would be better. I'll have to say a NOT with this look. Maybe next time...

the dress would be ok if it didnt emphasize his broad shoulders/arms...