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How many of you struggle with heels?

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Jan 4, 2007
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I was reading the 'trend alert' thread about marjane shoes that Daeron posted, and I noticed that quite a lot of you seemed to bemoan the fact that walking in high heels is so hard. Which got me thinking - how many of you actually find it difficult? how come there isn't a class in it at high school?

AND how did you learn if you DON'T have problems with heels?

I don't have a problem with heels unless they're not the right size but a lot of my friends seem to find it really, really hard. I think it's because they walk like they're wearing flat shoes. So,here is/was my walking technique:

thrust the hip forward of the foot I'm lifting (twist it forward on an angle)and bend the knee a little, and always put your toe/the front of your foot down first. It means that you're using your hips to balance and so you do wriggle your bum a little, LOL.

I think that's how I learnt? I actually used to walk up and down the kitchen in my mum's heels when I was little so I've had experience since I was around 4 years old, HAHA