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May 13, 2012
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I didn't see a thread started for January yet and I came across a sneak peek for January on the Julep Facebook page.

I guess the "Swatch Me" stickers will be included in next months box, I just hope they send out enough so I can do my whole collection at once.

Edit: I just checked and the color Madison hasn't been released yet so that one will probably be in some of the boxes next month too.

erm.. I have my own system of swatching, and for me, the point is to have all the swatches separate from the bottles that are stored, so I can look at all the swatches at once, decide on a color, then go pick it out from their respective boxes.

while its a cute homage, it seems to be pretty redundant, having the swatch on the bottle.

I thought about it and I think it's stupid. Stickers do not have the same feel as nails and because it's a white color the color of the polish will look different than on a natural nail. When I swatch on my clear nail sticks vs a nude nail (wheel) the color is slightly different so swatching on white paper is going to be very different. You won't be able to see what the consistency is like nor hold it up to the light to see if it's streaky or not on a piece of paper or in this case a sticker. I think instead of stupid stickers something like Zoya's spoons (blank versions) that are the color of a natural nail should be sent out.

The stickers do not seem ideal, but my little home made nail polish rack is starting to overflow. I didn't realize how quickly my Julep collection would get out of hand, lol!  I suspect I will like the swatch stickers if I end up reverting to storing the polishes vertically in a deep bin.  It seems like it would be easier to sort by color, and to at least find the right shade range without rifling through everything.

Wait, I didn't even realise their polish caps could do that. o_O Is that a new feature that is going to be introduced, or are they all already like that? Because that's news to me...

Originally Posted by maeiland /img/forum/go_quote.gif

All of the caps come apart just the stickers are new
Um??? Which is it? It can't both be a new feature and something that's been part of the polishes in the first place.

Speaking of Julep in January, they will be in the Winter-Spring 2013 Test Tube.

Originally Posted by Kyuu /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Um??? Which is it? It can't both be a new feature and something that's been part of the polishes in the first place.
ahhahaha I wish I had a julep polish next to me... I am so curious now. I know other brands do the two tops, butter LONDON, Dior etc. makes is easier to manipulate, did not realize that was maybe a feature of Julep

The caps have come off all along.  I have been puling the caps off and putting dabs of the polishes on the top before putting the caps back on just to make it easier to find polishes in the box (I keep them in a Birchbox full-size order box, and they fit in there very nicely) going back to the ones in their very first box about a year and a half ago.  I haven't bothered with white stickers because polish-on-black works well enough for my purpose.

(But I'm already planning on skipping again because they just don't seem to produce many colors I'm very interested in.  Lots of creams and warm tones.  I like metallics and cool colors.  It looks like that's probably exactly what's on tap for SquareHue for January, and I much prefer their bottles, plus they're cheaper since I signed up before the launch, so SquareHue is likely to win over Julep for January.)

Originally Posted by Kyuu /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Um??? Which is it? It can't both be a new feature and something that's been part of the polishes in the first place.
They all do it!  I just pulled one off a december polish to check!


To clarify things.

  1. Stickers are new since it's not part of the December bottles. The video is entitled, "Meet the 8-year-old Maven behind our new 'Swatch Me' stickers"
  2. Removal of brushes is not really new since old brush have three parts and can be removed.

I still think the Swatch Me stickers are stupid. A person can go to the office supply store and pick up for a couple of dollars white label stickers to stick on their bottles. I don't believe a piece of paper or sticker can adequately show a person how a polish will look on one's fingers.

I can totally see how the stickers would work for some, and not for others.  I like that they keep trying new things, however.  Props to Julep for that.

That's very true. I really do think that instead of stickers send out mini blank "spoons" like how Zoya has pre-painted spoons. It's more money to have swatch sticks made but it shouldn't be that much if I can get a set of 50 swatchicle from China sent to me for $3 (6 cents each) then having something like a mini swatchicle should be inexpensive.

The only good thing about the swatch me stickers that I do like is as someone mentioned you can paint the top and not have to dig through to figure out which is which. I store all my Julep bottles in clear shoe boxes so it's a pain to pull the one I want out (I think I have over 60 Julep polishes now) so the Swatch Me stickers can help with that,

Yeah, I like that Julep tries to be innovative and create more fun products than just nails. And I LOVE Madison. I think she is adorable.


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