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Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
MAC has released their new Archie's Girls collection. Are any of these tempting you? Will they be making their way into your makeup collection? These are available online now and in stores on Feb 7.

The collection includes:

Lipstick - Betty $16.50

Girl Next Door

Betty Bright

Oh, Oh, Oh

Lipglass - Betty $16.50

Summer Sweetheart

Stay Sweet

Kiss & Don’t Tell

Stay Sweet, Kiss & Don’t Tell, Betty Bright, Girl Next Door

Pearl Glide Intense Eye Liner - Betty $16.50

Lord It Up

Black Swan

Pigment - Betty $23.00

Cheers My Dear

Lucky in Love


Lucky In Love, Cheers My Dear!, Lord It Up, Black Swan

Powder Blush - Betty $22.00

Cream Soda

Pearlmatte Face Powder - Betty $30.00

Flatter Me


Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me, Powder Blush Cream Soda

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette - Betty $44.00


Nail Lacquer - Betty $17.50

Pep Pep Pep

Comic Cute


Comic Cute & Pep Pep Pep

Lipstick - Veronica $16.50

Daddy’s Little Girl

Ronnie Red

Boyfriend Stealer

Lipglass - Veronica $16.50

Mall Madness

Strawberry Malt

Feelin’ So Good


Mall Madness, Feelin’ So Good, Ronnie Red

Pearl Glide Intense Eye Liner - Veronica $16.50

Petrol Blue

Designer Purple

Pigment - Veronica $23.00

Black Poodle

Magic Spells


Black Poodle, Petrol Blue, Designer Purple

Powder Blush - Veronica $22.00

Prom Princess

Pearlmatte Face Powder - Veronica $30.00

Veronica’s Blush


Veronica’s Blush, Prom Princess

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow Palette - Veronica $44.00


Nail Lacquer - Veronica $17.50

Past Curfew

Double Trouble


Double Trouble & Past Curfew

I thought about getting the Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and the Mall Madness lip gloss but I think I'm going to pass. I still don't own anything MAC though.

I love Archie Comics. I picked up all of Betty's lip products, Veronica's Daddies Little Girl L/S, all the Pearlmattes and blushes and the tote. I also got 3 of the 4 nail polishes (I don't really like the blue color for Veronica). I am quite picky on my eye makeup so I was only going to purchase the brown and black liners from Betty's collection but I didn't see them online. Oh well.

I didn't go overboard this time and just picked up Veronica's daddy's little girl lipstick. I'll wait til it comes out in stores to see if anything else catches my eye. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I posted earlier today that I find the Mac brand to be overrated but that I think they do amazing packaging. This packaging is totally cute. I almost got the Betty and Veronica blushes. I had them in my cart and thought about it for a second and decided to just close the window and walk away. I have been spending so much on makeup in the past like 2 weeks. I am telling myself that I am going on a no buy after this weekend until Sephora releases the Jasmine princess palette. I may have to join the support forum to have people give me some strength. I hadn't purchased any makeup in a while and now I think I am going a bit overboard.

All that being said, I think the colors in this collection are so pretty. So if you buy, enjoy!

I grabbed the Betty Pearlmatte face powder and the Caramel Sundae quad online. I'm going to try to get the Cream Soda blush and one of the lipglosses when they hit Macy's, but I suspect that this collection is going to sell out fast! I would have bought it all online, but I have a gift card at Macy's that I need to use. The spousal unit is going to hit the roof when he gets this month's credit card bill. (I'm going to tell him to blame MAC, not me!)

Oh man, I was admiring this on muse's blog last week. I've never tried Mac makeup, aside from a lipgloss set I purchased a couple mos ago. I hate to say it, but I probably will order a few things. The packaging is way too cute.

I guess I need to see it in person . . . the packaging is kind of cheesy looking to me. If I'm going to spend a lot of $$ I want it to look sleek and elegant, not cartoony. 

CUTE! I used to read Archie all the time when I was younger! Even today, when I see them at the grocery store I contemplate picking up a copy.

I'd have to buy one today to save my February budget/low buy. Though maybe I'll just go to MAC when they're in store.. that way I can see if I really want/will use anything.

I think the magic spells pigment looks great for use in a smoky eye.. BUT, I havent purchased a pigment yet.. cute packaging too!

Oh my goodness....these are absolutely the cutest things ever! I want one of those and one of those and one of those, etc. lol

I was able to preview these @ a store today & I am in love with the Cream Soda & Prom Princess!

Well, that caramel sundae won me a trip to the freezer for some icecream. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Well, I think I'm actually interested in a few of these items. Here's hoping I find the nice sales woman at MAC and not the snooty ones when I look for this collection! Lol

Originally Posted by MissLindaJean /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Well, I think I'm actually interested in a few of these items. Here's hoping I find the nice sales woman at MAC and not the snooty ones when I look for this collection! Lol
Ohh! Which ones do you think you're going to get? My boyfriend is going to line up for me since he has a break during the time that Nordstrom opens & his school is right next to Nordstrom! lol

Betty Bright, Kiss & don't tell, maybe Ronnie red and a blush? Lol... I filed my taxes and Mama is going to treat herself!

Originally Posted by MissLindaJean /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Betty Bright, Kiss & don't tell, maybe Ronnie red and a blush? Lol... I filed my taxes and Mama is going to treat herself!
You deserve it! Will you show us the swatches ? :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> 


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