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Jan 19, 2014
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On an island, way out east!
Sephora is coming out with a new subscription box, and I could not be more than excited about it!

It will be available in Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati in September for now, but expanding hopefully in 2016!

It will be $10, and come with different samples from brands you can get at Sephora.

The first box has really nice products as listed here: (also where I found out about this)

I can not wait for this! I personally live in MA, and hope it expands from Boston soon!
What do you guys think about this?

Yes...and I live near hoping to see this box soon...I really hope this box will be good enough to continue for a long time...

The first box looks great for now...My first eye catcher is Marc Jacob liner

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I can't wait for it to expand. Love Sephora and brands they carry. Such a pity it's only few cities for now. CAN'T WAIT!!!

I think this Play book idea sounds cool. Reminds me of the Allure package inserts but at a different level.

“Play lets her discover products at home, and each month we will include a ‘Play! Book,’ that offers everything from application tips and insider beauty hacks to fun facts and conversation starters about the included items. The Play! Book also allows customers to access enhanced content through the Sephora to Go App on smartphones. Simply scan the images to shop and unlock augmented reality experiences.”

The book also includes the Play! Pass, a bounceback card into bricks-and-mortar Sephora doors which offers one-on-one tutorials for everything in that month’s box.

In selected cities, Sephora will host what it calls Play! Dates, in-store events for subscribers in that particular market.

Just for fun, a Spotify playlist is included with each box, and Yeh noted that each box will include bonus samples — for September, fragrance samples.

The test marketing will begin in Boston and two Ohio cities, Columbus and Cincinnati, in September, producing 10,000 boxes for the initial offering. You can sign up to be on the list to be notified of updates at


(Source WWD)

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Yeah!  I hope this means Boston suburbs as well - not just Boston itself (as Boston is small - the surrounding areas make it huge..)

if not, I will get a PO box in Boston just for this!! haha

can't wait!
I am seriously thinking about asking a friend who lives in Boston to let me ship this c/o to their address. Too bad the only friends I have living there now are dudes though. 

thanks @@Reija - it looks like a waitlist until you were lucky enough to get an invite (which I wasn't)

and it looks like it is available in 48 states (Hawaii & Alaska don't look to be included at this time)


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