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It’s time for another contest, this time brought to you by our friends at Starlooks

We know that MakeupTalk members LOVE their subscription programs so you’ll be happy to know that 20, yes TWENTY, winners who are not currently subscribed will receive a FREE Starbox.  Already subscribed to Starbox? Don’t fret, because 1 current subscriber will receive a customized gift basket of Starlooks makeup, a value of $100!

How to Enter:

  • Reply to this thread and let us know why you want to try Starbox, or, if you’re already a subscriber, what you love about it!
  • List all of the other beauty box subscriptions you are currently subscribed to.
  • Subscribe to the Starlooks newsletter by clicking here and entering your email at the bottom of the screen.

About Starlooks:

Starlooks invents, improves, and develops “cutting edge†and innovative hair and makeup products / lines for the Beauty industry. The Starbox is a monthly subscription service and includes 3-4 FULL SIZE makeup/beauty products by Starlooks, delivered to your door for $15/month!

Past Starboxes:


This contest is open now and runs through February 3rd. So what are you waiting for?! Reply to this thread today and you could be a lucky winner!

Link to Contest Rules

Great contest!

I want to try StarLooks because of all the great reviews on MUT and the variety of products! I would love to try this brand.  

I'm currently subscribed to Ipsy, BirchBox, and Yuzen. 

Newsletter subscription completed.


I want to try Starbox because I've been following the subscription thread for it for the last few months and the quality and content looks very impressive! I'm subscribed to Birchbox right now and then on and off again for Ipsy.

Also I think I subscribed to the email but when I hit subscribe it just brought up the Starlooks main page again. We'll see!

I would love to try Starlooks because I've seen SO many wonderful reviews of this subscription service, especially from thesassiwench and tearfallzbreak on youtube! 

I am currently subscribed to:


Sample Society

QVC Test Tube

and i have tried Ipsy, Wantable, Julep, and Glossybox

I subscribed to the newsletter

edit: email address

I want to try StarLooks because I've been eyeing that subscription for a loong time now and for some weird reason I'm still not subscribed! The products look absolutely fantastic.

I'm currently subscribed to the following beauty boxes:





I subscribed to the newsletter I think because when I hit the Subscribe button it just opened a new window of the main page :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I hope that worked.

I want to try Starlooks because of all the rave reviews it gets here on MUT!

I am subscribed to Ipsy, Birchbox and Glossybox!

Signed up for newsletter but had same experience as Kawaiimeows.  Put in my email, hit subscribe and it took me back to the Starlooks home page so I hope it worked!

I want to try Starlooks because it seems like a very impressive variety of items from what I've read on Makeuptalk and other review websites.  I am currently subscribed to ipsy, The Goodies Co, and Graze Box.  

Don't worry, your names are all in! Just enter your email, you'll be taken back to the home page and you're all set!

Keep the entries coming! Starlooks is so excited to meet you!


Starlooks, LLC.

I would like to try Starlooks because I'm obsessed with beauty products and I love to try out new and exciting products.

I am currently subscribed to Birchbox, Ipsy, Sample Society, Julep and Glossybox.


I would like to try Starlooks because it is primarily makeup and the boxes always get great reviews. I've been impressed by the swatches I've seen.

After tumultuous relationships with nearly every beauty sub out there (Birchbox, Ipsy, Beauty Box 5, QVC Test Tube), I am now only subscribed to Sample Society.

I have been wanting to try Starlooks for while now! I have been looking through the threads here at MUT and have read great reviews, being a first time college student I have been on a budget and have been wanting to add this to my current subs. Hopefully I get a chance to try out the Starbox. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Currently subscribed to:




I also just subscribed to the newsletter

I would like to subscribe to Starlooks because I have not heard of this company before I joined MUT and the ladies on here say nothing but good things about it. I am also curious about this brand of beauty products.

I'm currently subscribed to:

- Birchbox, Ipsy, My Shade of Brown, My Brown Box, Curlkit.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hello, I am not currently subscribed to Starlooks but am definitely interested in trying it out. I would like to try out Starlooks because I am looking to update my makeup look, and would like to try new products.

I am currently subscribed to Birchbox.

I'm a current starlooks subscriber and starlooks is my favorite sub because its all makeup and amazing high quality I'm addicted other sub is ipsy...I'm subbed to your news letter! Starlooks is!!!!!!!

I would like to subscribe to Starlooks because I have yet to see a bad review, I have heard that the customer service is excellent, and that they seem to take into consideration customer feedback. They makeup seems to be quality products and this is a box that I have been considering for some time. I wouls really really love to try this subscription! I am currently subscribed to New Beauty Test Tube (both the regular and QVC version) I subscribe to two Birchboxes per month I subscribe to two Ipsy bags per month Glossybox Julep Citrus Lane for my little girls

I would love to try Starlook because it seems so different than a lot of the subscription services out there. Seems like some really awesome stuff. 

I am currently subscribed to Birchbox. 

I want to try starlooks because I like to discover new brands and see what else is out there. I've been wanting to subscribe for a while now I just hasn't taken the plunge yet. I'm currently subscribed to glossybox, birchbox, and ipsy.

i want to try starlooks because i have always heard great things about this subscription service.I am currently subscribes to IPSY and Birchbox and am unable to afford another subbie but i would so love to try starlooks!

I'd love to try Starbox because it looks like an awesome product line and boxes are fun!  Especially when they contain full-size products and hair stuff. I've had so much trouble finding something that will make my hair less brittle and frizzy. 

This looks like a great box, but I hadn't heard of it before. 

I'm currently subscribed to Sample Society and Birchbox. 

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