What's your HG mineral makeup?

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Aug 2, 2007
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I was just wondering what everyone else uses and considers their HG mineral makeup!

So far, I've used BE once and Everyday Minerals for about 5 months, but I wouldn't consider either of them my HG. I'm hoping my new shipment of J. Lynne Cosmetics (which has yet to arrive) will be my HG.

Anyways, please list your HG in categories, i.e. Foundation, Finishing Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow, etc.

hehe all my HG's are from different mmu brands.

primer: MAD mineral's spf 20 powder

concealer: EDM multi-task concealer

foundation: Lumiere's luminesse fairy light neutral

blush: BE warmth

bronzer: EDM's waffled cone

finishing powder/highlight: MAD mineral's satin glow for daytime and flash glow for night time.

Meow & Lumiere

i'm still a newbie in terms of mineral makeup, but so far my HG are :

primer : don't use one, got a sample of Fyrinnae's rice paper primer, don't like it much

foundation : Lily Lolo Candy Cane

Concealer : Lily Lolo's Blondie works fine

blush : Lily Lolo cupcake

bronzer : i don't like much bronzers, so i use BE's bronzer, it's okay

finishing powder : Lily Lolo translucent silk powder

Highlighter : Lily Lolo Stardust

foundation- Monave

blush-Aubrey Nicole



powder-A mixture a a few different mineral brands.

My choices are:

foundation: Meow Pampered Puss and Meow Flawless Feline (depends on the day - what coverage I want)

primer: Meow - oily skin primer, smasbox with dermaxyl and Lumiere silicone primer (which is great but a bit pricy).

veil: I use Meow setting powder and Meow glow powder togeher - but to tell the truth all finishing veils from different brads are similar so I could use any - however Meow setting powedr is great for staying power of makeup.

bronzer: lilly lo - beach bronzer - I think whis one is the best.

eyeshadows - mad minerals - I love the colors and intesity

concealer - I do not use one, I keep looking for dark circles concealer - but no luck yet.

I have 3 - And for all 3 I like everything (foundation, veil/finishing powder, multitasking, eye shadow, blush)

1. Aubrey Nicole

2. Everyday minerals

3. Oceanmist

Not in any particular order - I like and use all 3.


Chococat123 - "HG" stands for "Holy Grail" - It just means your favorites, or something that you can't live without and find yourself turning to all the time.


I'm using Lily Lolo Warm Peach foundation at the moment, I'm not sure it's quite my HG but I do like it.

Most of my other make up is not MMU although I do have a bunch of feliners and e/s samples from meow and I love them all. There's a couple I will definitely be buying full size ones of!

Foundation: Urban Decay

Finishing Powder: Ocean Mist

Blush: Bare Escentuals

Eyeshadow: Bare Escentuals

i tried SEVERAL brands and my hg foundation is edm(most natural looking)

finishing powder also edm

bronzer from b.e.

Foundation, Finishing, Blush, Eyeshadow and Corrector: Aubrey Nicole

Eyeshadow: Lumiere

Blush: Oceanmist

I have a favorite mmu foundation right now but I don't know if it's my HG. I'm still trying it out but so far I'm loving it. I don't know if you girls are familiar with this but the brand name is The Natural Source, I think it's an Australian company, I'm not entirely sure.

Finishing Powder - Silk Dust of Everyday Minerals

Blushes - I love all blushes! =)

Concealer - Sunlight Concealer of EDM

Primer - Powder Eraser of PL


I'm still trying stuff out, but so far:

Foundation and setting powder: Elemental Beauty

Blush: Barefaced Beauty

Eyeshadow: Lily Lolo

I'm still waiting for my Aubrey Nicole stuff to arrive so things may change!

I've made a lot of my own but what's commercially available I really like

Foundations- Monave

Eye shadows - Monave, Meow, Pur Luxe, Lumiere

Blush - KT Naturals, Monave