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Dec 28, 2011
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Well, after being heavily persuaded to sign up with Beauty Fix, I've decided to cut back on a few subs.  I,personally, am starting to feel "SUBBED" out and need to downsize as I am running out of space to store all of my goodies.  Plus, in addition to the full sized products I already have, I think I have enough moisturizer samples to last me at least 2 years.(and at the rate I'm going, it will go up to 4 in no time:)  would really hate to start storing them in boxes where I will completely forget that I even had them in the first place.

With the exception of Glossy Box, which was the original box that I have been waiting for like forever, I am really hoping to put the breaks on my sub addiction.

In the last few days/weeks, I finally had to say goodbye to:


2.Beauty Army


4.Platinum Box

5. Foodzie

Next on Chopping Block:

1.Beauty Box 5

2. Blissmobox

The ones I have right now are:

Sample Society

The Look Bag

Beauty Box 5

Beauty Army


I've since said goodbye to:

Julep Maven - didn't care for their nail polish

MyGlam - Too much drama

Sindulge - Shoddy customer service

On the radar to cut:

The Look Bag

Beauty Box 5

Beauty Army and Birchbox would need to make a CATASTROPHIC f*** up in order for me to cancel them. Beauty Army went above and beyond to fix an issue that wasn't even their issue (USPS screwed up) and Birchbox has so far meet my expectations.

it was hard for me to break-up with ba, but i couldn't see myself spending another $12 on items i basically already have.  they do have superb customer service.  I think they mentioned before that they would eventually offer the monthly holds on subscriptions and maybe once they get that going, I would consider coming back since that would alleviate my monthly expenses and inventory expansion:)

I chopped Conscious Box, even though it was pretty awesome. I can't do the $19/month thing though, not now anyway.

beauty box 5 will probably go, I canceled love with food last night, blissmobox is out after this month, my second bb and ba will both be canceled, and I will continue to skip julep. 

that leaves me with:




sample society

the look bag

I don't intend to unsubscribe from any of those any time soon because that keeps me below 50/month since bb is annual. I might make my beauty army annual when I get my bonus, then I will feel not guilty at all. 

I am currently subscribed to:


Sample Society

The Look Bag
Beauty Box 5

Love With Food

I've already cut Sindulge, Platinum Box, and MyGlam.

By the end of the month, I want to be down to 2.  Unless The Look Bag and Beauty Box 5 are phenomenal, they're out.  I love Love With Food, but I have to cancel for the time being for budget reasons.  Birchbox is staying around no matter what, and so far Sample Society is great.

I get:

  • new beauty test tube (quarterly)
  • birchbox
  • julep
  • beauty army
  • myglam

Julep will be cut in a few month. I have a few free months left. I think this is more of a $12 box than a $20 box.. Beauty Army is on the fence. They are gone if they do not increase their selection. MyGlam is gone if they don't get their act together.

I already cut Platinum box, gogogirlfriend, and beauty fix (I just wanted to use the promo code) 

None as of yet, I only subscribe to Sample Society and My Glam. Quit BB a while back but re-subbed for the Teen Vogue box, now I'm reconsidering whether or not I want to stick with it again.

forgot to include reasons:

In the last few days/weeks, I finally had to say goodbye to:

1.Julep: overpriced

2.Beauty Army: redundant

3.Sindulge: pathetic pr with problems/complaints from the get go

4.Platinum Box: ridiculous

5. Foodzie: overpriced

Next on Chopping Block:

1.Beauty Box 5: mediocre first box, underwhelmed

2. Blissmobox: mixed feelings;will know for certain after 6 month sub is up.  

Current subs:

MyGlam (still on the fence. The one pic I've seen of a bag someone got is an improvement over last month, but not a huge wow. Maybe one more month)

Birchbox (ain't goin' NOWHERE)

Sample Society (giving this the three-month go)

Julep (probably going to cancel this one; mainly just wanted to use the penny promo)

Subs I've cancelled:

Sindulge (total waste of time)

My Platinum Box (really cheesy quality)

Subs I'm considering:

BeautyFix (if there is an amazing promo)

QVC Test Tube (Preferred the selections in the last one to the NB selections)

Current subs:



The Look Bag

Sample Society

Beauty Box 5

QVC New Beauty Test Tube



The ones I'll probably be ditching are...

Everything except my original Birchbox! I have way, way waaaay too much crap and I'm trying to cut down on it.


MyGlam (not too impressed...will cancel this month)

Birchbox (love, love, love, love)


New Beauty Test Tube (the products didn't appeal to me too much)

GoGo Girlfriend (Just terrible)

Looking at:

Glossy Box

Subscribed to:

- Birchbox (since August 2011)

-  MyGlam (since January 2012)



Looking at:

- Glossybox 

I'm rather picky and I hate cancelling stuff where I actually have to talk to reps instead of just pushing a button (cough Julep cough). So.. yeah. I never signed for anything else. I also don't want to end up spending more money on samples (and hoping for an occasional f/s product) if I can just go out and buy something I want. But I think Glossybox could be rather awesome :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

At this point in time none however after April I may drop Beauty Box 5 and the Look Bag.

These are my subscriptions, from my top fave to the ones I'm thinking of quitting:

1. QVC New Beauty Test Tube - Love this one. Lots of big sizes and always includes makeup and hair stuff, in addition to skincare.

2. BeautyFix - Love that I get to choose my own samples, with lots of full-size options in there. The $25 off $50 at DermStore coupon is a great bonus.

3. New Beauty Test Tube - Lots of big samples and always ends up being worth quite a bit more than I paid for it.

4. Sample Society - Seems great so far, if they can just get some makeup in there...we'll see how it goes.

5. Birchbox - I cancelled this after HATING the September box (which was my first). Just re-subbed because, from what I've seen, every other box has been great.

6. Beauty Army - I like that I can pick my samples, but the selection isn't impressing me. Sizes are a bit smaller than what I want, too. Likely to cancel.

7. MyGlam -Consistently fails to seem worth the $10 I'm paying for it. I missed the first couple bags, and what I've gotten has been a big disappointment. It gets one more month.

* I, too, am totally signing up for Glossybox when it opens up to us here. Can't wait to check it out!

Have: Myglam. I'm not impressed with the two bags I got but this one is better than the last because of the coupon I keep holding out hoping it improves like the first box.

Looking at: Birchbox I loved this months box[the Teen Vouge box] and now want to sign up.

MyGlam: This month's seems better than last so they've bought themselves another month. I'll stick it out until April.  

Beauty Box 5:  My first box got lost in the mail. They were supposed to send me another. Still haven't seen it. March will be my free month. If March is underwhelming, I'll cancel before April.

This month will be my first BirchBox and I'm hoping my Sample Society box is nice.

I was only subbed to BB & MyGlam but dropped BB for the month of March. Sucks, cuz then they got the teen vogue boxes. but oh well. then I would've been suckered in for another month or two and remember why I was considering canceling in the first place. BB has pretty good customer service though, I had problems with the box (broken item, missing item) 2 out of the 3 boxes I was subbed and they had no problems helping me out.


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