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Big Girls Skinny Jeans

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Aug 15, 2007
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So Ive heard sooo much about big girls or short girls not being able to wear skinny jeans, I bought a pair from old navy for about 20 dollars, i didnt want to spend too much if they didnt work out lol.
Heres My pic:
Now im the worst of both worlds lmao.
I wear a size 18 and im 5'0 But im comfy in my body. I do think theyre too tight, but hey im tryna lose weight so i'll chop off a few pounds and maybe they'll look better. So here ya got it, A big SHORT girl in skinny jeans lmao.
Hot or not? Im open to the truth you guys, if you feel bad about saying not, just vote in the poll, Since no one will know who you are.

My legs look like Drumsticks, Yay!
Many people say that wearing these make your butt and hips look big if your curvy, But since when is that bad?
As an african american, Most of us are curvy, and thats whats hot, the curvier the better. Most men in the urban communities like chicks with a Big ass and super thick thighs, and some boobies are always nice! You can also comment on this, Is there a difference between Ethnic cultures and Caucasians when it comes to body types?