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No, I like to wear my makeup, but I'm more of a natural girl so seeing me without it is no big deal. The one thing I would wear if nothing else is mascara. It just makes me look less tired.

Nope... I used to, but not now. I just wear it for work, and if I'm going out.

i dont usually wear it, hence no FOTD also.

If i get something new then i have a play, but other then that i only wear TM, mascara, lipgloss, some natural e/s and natural blush when i go out for th day. but do get all done up when i do go out.

Yeah but because its a habit but its not like i go all out just TM and blush really.


Gotta give your face a rest sometimes. Since I'm currently on a break from school/work - I dont put nothing on unless I'm going out.

But if I go to work everyday, then yes.

only if im going to work or doing something...

like today Im just sitting at home doing uni work and boring stuff like that, so no, no make up

only if i go out i would use a lil bit to cover the couple red marks i have ~ nothing at home~

but if i had a lotta time and wanted to look good for my gfs when i meet them i would have foundation on

I used to,even if only mascara and blush, because our house has mirrors on all the walls and ceilings...
No,only some of the floors. But lately,maybe b/c it's summer,I have worn almost none for 2 months. A record for me.

For going out or going to work.....DEFINITELY!!! when i am just around the house or running errands it really depends on if I feel like being creative or not. but for the most part I will ALWAYS have on e/l no matter what. I look sick without it.

When I first stopped working I became a "scrub" for a month or so. I felt really crappy and useless. My BF suggested that I get dressed nice and do my makeup everyday to make myself feel better. I took his advice and feel great! So....YES! I do wear makeup everyday, unless I am sick.

Yep, specially if im going to work or school, but I always make sure to give my face a rest and never wear any on the weekends.

No. I think its ridiculous to wear makeup even when you are just chillin at home..I mean...come on, you know? But I recently started wearing eyeliner and mascara again because I took my braids out so I need to take focus off my head to my face....::Shuts up::

I wear it most of the time if i know for a fact that im not going out then i wont waste perfectly good make up (im cheap)
but if im going some where even if its just to the store i will at LEAST put on foundation..just to be safe...

No... especially when I feel lazy.

Sometimes my bf cant even tell if I wear make up or not. He said maybe because I am tanned ... I say the foo is just buttering me up because he wants something.


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