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OMG. I won a meet and greet with Rose McGowan. IN L.A!!

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Mar 8, 2005
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SkipWebWorld / Flieg zu Rose nach L.A.

(Skip is an Austrian movie magazine. They always have lotteries like this, but I was always like "Who wins these things?"

The website is in german, but you can see MY NAME on it in bold letters and my friend Linda´s name. I called the magazine up and asked 2 different people if that´s a joke or not. IT WASN`T!!!!! I am shaking right now.

My prize includes

- Flights from Vienna to L.A. and back

- 4 night stay in a hotel

- Meet & Greet with Rose McGowan

- Visit of the Universal Studios

- Movie Tickets (I guess for her new movie)

- and the Skip people are gonna be there taking us places and stuff.

I say US, cause the price includes another person. The deal was: Tell us your most embarrassing story, and the winner gets to go to L.A. and meet Rose McGowan, and you get to take the person who´s in your most embarrassing story. So I´m taking my friend Linda.

The date isn´s set yet, the Skip lady who organizes these things said their Hollywood correspondant will figure out when Rose has time and then she´ll let me know and set the date.

ALSO: I called Shawn and he said he´ll drive to L.A. (he lives in San Diego) to come see me, maybe spend the night...who knows.

Can you guys believe this? I didn´t believe it until I looked up the website and my name (+ the embarrassing story) is on there.